3 Ways to Profit Before the Next Recession Hits

As worries about a U.S. recession rise, risk-averse investors who seek to limit their downside should consider recent recommendations by Sophie Huynh, a cross asset strategist at Societe Generale. She expects the U.S. to be in recession by 2Q 2020,... Read More

What Happens to Your Debt When You Die?

Money and debt are still there after one dies, and if you don’t plan ahead, debt can be a big problem. Knowing what happens to your debt when you die likely won’t be a top dinner table conversation tonight. After all, death and money are... Read More

5 questions about the inheritance process if there are existing credits

When a family member dies, in addition to the duel, we must deal with a large amount of paperwork and paperwork to manage the inheritance. But what happens when the deceased had current consumer credits? When processing an inheritance and accepting it,... Read More

Learn how this CEO is rethinking microcredit

Stefano Virgilli talks about Pocket Money’s role in plugging the funding gap for borrowers who failed to get access to the formal financial system. Pocket Money’s CEO, Stefano Virgilli, is a specialist in communication and innovation. With 20 years... Read More

This Big Investing Blunder Cost Millionaires $136 Billion This Year

Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you’re right, apparently. That has been true this year with the stock market. Did you make the same $136 billion mistake the ultrawealthy did? Millionaires and multimillionaires in North... Read More

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