The board game Mark Zuckerberg and Reid Hoffman learned business with (and which you can try while you stay at home)

Not long ago, Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, made an unexpected statement during an interview with the Financial Times. The billionaire said his business inspiration came from an unusual resource: board games. You are not the only one who... Read More

7 bank discounts for young Americans that make life a little easier

American college students may be familiar with the price of tuition, financial aid, grants and scholarship, but they might not be well versed in financial literacy or know the best ways to save money while they study. Some of the country’s leading... Read More

The fear of the Chinese coronavirus punishes the bags and weights the price of crude

Madrid, Jan. 27 (EFE) .- The fear of a possible negative impact of the Chinese coronavirus on the economy of the Asian giant and, as a consequence, on the rest of the world, has stained international stock exchanges and has weighed the price of... Read More

3 Ways to Profit Before the Next Recession Hits

As worries about a U.S. recession rise, risk-averse investors who seek to limit their downside should consider recent recommendations by Sophie Huynh, a cross asset strategist at Societe Generale. She expects the U.S. to be in recession by 2Q 2020,... Read More

What Happens to Your Debt When You Die?

Money and debt are still there after one dies, and if you don’t plan ahead, debt can be a big problem. Knowing what happens to your debt when you die likely won’t be a top dinner table conversation tonight. After all, death and money are... Read More

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